Monday, July 12, 2010

Mahri - 2008 15/16 Akhal-Teke 1 1/6 Hanoverian filly for sale

Mahri has been sold to be a LD endurance horse, mounted archery horse and all around best friend. Congratulations to Christina of Maple Valley, WA
Photos above from Winter of 2013-2014

Summer of 2013


Photos below taken April 2012, courtesy of Monica Bretherton

Mahri is a very attractive 2008 red-bay filly by Astrachan out of Mirija. She is 15/16 Akhal-Teke and 1 1/16 Hanoverian, so is a bit rounder than your average Teke. She is 15.1 hands right now, so should mature around 15.2  and this cross has shown definite talent for jumping. Her older sister Melena is a A rated jumper in California (under a different name), her brother Andymn jumped for us at Celebrate the Horse (photos and video on New of 2008 page) and now is a wonderful school horse and her year older sister, Mazaly, has started her eventing career.  Mahri is doing very well under saddle, showing her smooth gaits and unflappable nature.  She's sweet, but with a bit of spunk, friendly and should make an excellent performance partner. She's been out on the trails three times now and led the way for a bit when the more experienced horse didn't want to go.  Her third trail ride was at a recent Trail Competition that was cancelled mid-ride because of thunder, lightning and torrential rain.  She was pronounced "Fabulous" there.
Monica and Mahri (in red) and a friend at the recent trail competition.
She's showing definite talent for jumping (mostly on her own, with a rider she's only doing trot poles yet)  When the weather is nicer, we'll do a video of her. 
Here is the link to a cellphone video we took out in the pasture in April 2012:  She's not in very good shape as it's been a wet, muddy winter, but you can get an idea of her general movement.


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