Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Miras - purebred Akhal-Teke gelding for sale

June 2011, Monica Bretherton photos

Out in the field, he's a yearling now! Monica Bretherton photo

Five months old, in winter coat, Monica Bretherton photos

3 weeks old, Monica Bretherton photos

3 days old, Monica Bretherton photo

Miras - Murgab x Anastasia - 2010 bay purebred Akhal-Teke gelding. Born June 1st, 2010, very correct, nice gaits, excellent bone, friendly, outgoing temperament. Scooter is showing lots of energy and should make a fabulous sport horse. He's quite muscular and round and is developing very nicely. He has had regular trims since birth, been dewormed regularly, been handled daily and knows age appropriate tasks, such as leading, tying, standing for the farrier, etc.
Update 2/6/2012- Scooter has been busy this winter...growing! He's right around 15 hands now at 19 months and is showing some really fantastic gaits. He has lots of forward and suspension and I can see him doing just about anything that involves lots of activity.

Update 5/26/2012:  Scooter is still growing - he's at least 15 hands now and shows no signs of stopping.  He and his buddy Reggie are spending lots of time in the field running laps.  Once he completely sheds out we'll get some new photos.

Private treaty. Consideration to a competition home.

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3 photos above taken July 2012 by Karen Wegenhenkel

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