Monday, August 11, 2014

Rocket - 2014 purebred AT colt for sale

Rocket (barn name, no real name yet) is a lovely red-bay colt with chrome.  He's got lovely conformation, a great temperament, good gaits and type.  Possible stallion prospect.

His dam, Tulah, is a lease from Kelsey Kempfert of Wyoming, and her sire and dam were imported from the Shael studfarm in Russia.  She is Durkkhal x Malikat. 

His sire, Salam, was imported from Russia, bred by Akhalt-Service and is a Elite graded stallion.

Rocket should mature 15.2+ hands tall and will be big-bodied with great bone.  Buy him now and you get to name him!  Asking $5000, sale pending!

1 day old

 1 week old, Monica Bretherton photos

 1 month old, visiting with a friend, Cathy Leddy photo

Photo shoot August 2014.  Rocket is almost 6 weeks old now.  He LOVES to go!  Monica Bretherton photos.

Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sabyr, 2013 purebred Akhal-Teke colt for sale

"Stanley" was born 7/24/2013 by Salam out of Aishet.  He's tall, correct, bay and very friendly.  He should mature between 15.2 and 16 hands and will be stout.  Both parents are very sport horsey, with excellent gaits, temperaments and lots of weight carrying abilities.  This guy will be perfect for those 6 ft gentlemen that keep wanting an Akhal-Teke to do endurance with! 

Here are some photos from the middle of August 2014, Monica Bretherton photos.  Sabyr is just over a year old here.
Here is a recent photo of Sabyr, at almost a year old, growing up nicely.  He still has some winter coat (maybe he knows something we don't) and is a little bit butt high.  But, he's correct, tall and has a wonderful, laid back personality.   Photo taken by Monica Bretherton, June 2014.

He's much, much bigger now, ready to be weaned.  Of course, he's also in his winter woolies, so we'll have to wait for more photos!  His legs are longer than his dam's, and she's 15.2, so I expect him to be 15.3 at least.

Aishet is Arab line and Salam is Fakir Pelvan.    $4500

Sunday, October 28, 2012

Purebred AT gelding, excellent endurance or eventing prospect

 Miras the summer of 2012

 Leg photos the summer of 2011
Sale pending
Miras is a 2010 bay purebred AT gelding by Murgab and out of the lovely mare Anastasia.  Miras (also known as Scooter) is between 15 and 15.1 hands at a bit over 2 years old and has plenty of bone for his size.  Excellent gaits, a bold temperament and lots of energy complete the package.  I can very easily see him trotting down the endurance trail or galloping cross country courses.  His dam has 3 offspring competing right now, all three doing endurance and one also showing in open shows.  I suspect he'll finish at about 15.2, maybe a bit more.  He has lovely ground manners, has had a little bit of round pen work and we're slowly starting to do more work with him.  Up to date on trims, deworming and vaccinations.  Sold to Erin of Maryland!

Monday, July 19, 2010

Magdan- 2006 purebred Akhal-Teke Gelding, going nicely under saddle

Danny and Monica at the SAFE schooling show summer of 2013
Three Tekes - Galen and Cathy, Asil Tumay and Shannon and Magdan and Monica at Home on the Range, March 31, 2012

                                           Monica and Danny at Mt. Adams LD ride, May 19, 2012

Monica and Danny jumping out in the field.  5/27/2012, W. Drescher photo
Danny and Monica cantering the water complex at the Washington State Horse Park during our HorseFlicks filming in August of 2013.
Some YouTube video from 2013:



 Sale Pending!  Danny is going to California and then to Texas with his new owner.  Congratulations Lisa!
Danny is a 2006 bay, purebred gelding by Astrachan out of Meshhurlyk. He's 15.3+ right now and will probably add a little bit more before he's all done.  He is sensible and goes very well with a sensitive rider. His gaits are excellent, with his walk overstride at least 18 inches long. He's balanced and forward and should go far in whatever discipline his rider wants to do. He has lots of trail conditioning, gets hauled out several times a week and has just started jumping. He just gets more elegant as he gets older! He's so much FUN to ride - this boy is something special!

He's jumping small courses, teaching lessons and going on trail rides, but he should be the only star in someone's barn.  We don't have the time or money to campaign him.  Contact me if you think he might be 'the one'.  I've reduced his price so he can shine in someone's barn this year!  He is just too nice to be standing around.  $6500

Update 2/27/2013:  Danny just gets better and better.  Not only is he doing fantastic with his jumping (his trainer says he should be an equitation horse), but he's also giving lessons to intermediate riders.  He is so kind and smooth that he is easy for them to ride.

Update 12/15/2012:  Danny is starting to jump small courses with Monica.  He makes it look so easy!  Monica says it feels that way too.

Update 8/6/2012:  Danny has completed 5 LDs this year, getting all As on all his vet cards.  They finished Bare Bones where many other people were overtime.  It was also very hot that day (up to 95 degrees) and Danny pulsed down quickly and with no problems.  This was his first 'solo' ride, without Galen along to be his camp buddy and he did great.

Update 5/20/2012:  Danny has completed his third LD of the year at Mt. Adams.  He and Monica were once again complemented on his 'metronome' trot and they finished mid pack (75 entries!) with all As on his report card.  Next ride is Klickitat and he's continuing his jump schooling at home.

Update 4/24/12:  Danny has completed his second LD at Grizzly in Madras, OR.  Monica and I split up, so she and Danny could go a bit slower, as his base fitness level isn't where Galen's is.  They came in a few minutes overtime, so didn't get a completion, but Danny got all A's on his vet card and the vets exclaimed over how well he did during the ride.  He also got compliments on his metronome trot during the ride and was happy to follow, lead and go by himself.  We should have some photos coming soon.

Update 4/2/12: Danny completed his first Limited Distance endurance ride this past weekend. We went to Home on the Range (story in my main blog) and Danny was superb! Excellent vet scores, great recoveries, he kept his head the entire ride and did most of it barefoot (not by choice). He has also been doing more jumping lessons at home and will be aiming at some shows this year in between endurance rides.

Monica posted a nice Horsebytes blog about Danny recently, take a peek: He's a star!
Update: 2/15/1012 - Here is a link to Danny's jumping lesson (edited for time, of course) last weekend. You can see how he is gaining strength and impulsion and how easy the jumps are for him.
Asking $6,500

Monday, July 12, 2010

Mahri - 2008 15/16 Akhal-Teke 1 1/6 Hanoverian filly for sale

Mahri has been sold to be a LD endurance horse, mounted archery horse and all around best friend. Congratulations to Christina of Maple Valley, WA
Photos above from Winter of 2013-2014

Summer of 2013


Photos below taken April 2012, courtesy of Monica Bretherton

Mahri is a very attractive 2008 red-bay filly by Astrachan out of Mirija. She is 15/16 Akhal-Teke and 1 1/16 Hanoverian, so is a bit rounder than your average Teke. She is 15.1 hands right now, so should mature around 15.2  and this cross has shown definite talent for jumping. Her older sister Melena is a A rated jumper in California (under a different name), her brother Andymn jumped for us at Celebrate the Horse (photos and video on New of 2008 page) and now is a wonderful school horse and her year older sister, Mazaly, has started her eventing career.  Mahri is doing very well under saddle, showing her smooth gaits and unflappable nature.  She's sweet, but with a bit of spunk, friendly and should make an excellent performance partner. She's been out on the trails three times now and led the way for a bit when the more experienced horse didn't want to go.  Her third trail ride was at a recent Trail Competition that was cancelled mid-ride because of thunder, lightning and torrential rain.  She was pronounced "Fabulous" there.
Monica and Mahri (in red) and a friend at the recent trail competition.
She's showing definite talent for jumping (mostly on her own, with a rider she's only doing trot poles yet)  When the weather is nicer, we'll do a video of her. 
Here is the link to a cellphone video we took out in the pasture in April 2012:  She's not in very good shape as it's been a wet, muddy winter, but you can get an idea of her general movement.


Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Miras - purebred Akhal-Teke gelding for sale

June 2011, Monica Bretherton photos

Out in the field, he's a yearling now! Monica Bretherton photo

Five months old, in winter coat, Monica Bretherton photos

3 weeks old, Monica Bretherton photos

3 days old, Monica Bretherton photo

Miras - Murgab x Anastasia - 2010 bay purebred Akhal-Teke gelding. Born June 1st, 2010, very correct, nice gaits, excellent bone, friendly, outgoing temperament. Scooter is showing lots of energy and should make a fabulous sport horse. He's quite muscular and round and is developing very nicely. He has had regular trims since birth, been dewormed regularly, been handled daily and knows age appropriate tasks, such as leading, tying, standing for the farrier, etc.
Update 2/6/2012- Scooter has been busy this winter...growing! He's right around 15 hands now at 19 months and is showing some really fantastic gaits. He has lots of forward and suspension and I can see him doing just about anything that involves lots of activity.

Update 5/26/2012:  Scooter is still growing - he's at least 15 hands now and shows no signs of stopping.  He and his buddy Reggie are spending lots of time in the field running laps.  Once he completely sheds out we'll get some new photos.

Private treaty. Consideration to a competition home.

Other blog posts with more photos, about Miras, also known as 'Scooter':


3 photos above taken July 2012 by Karen Wegenhenkel

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