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Magdan- 2006 purebred Akhal-Teke Gelding, going nicely under saddle

Danny and Monica at the SAFE schooling show summer of 2013
Three Tekes - Galen and Cathy, Asil Tumay and Shannon and Magdan and Monica at Home on the Range, March 31, 2012

                                           Monica and Danny at Mt. Adams LD ride, May 19, 2012

Monica and Danny jumping out in the field.  5/27/2012, W. Drescher photo
Danny and Monica cantering the water complex at the Washington State Horse Park during our HorseFlicks filming in August of 2013.
Some YouTube video from 2013:



 Sale Pending!  Danny is going to California and then to Texas with his new owner.  Congratulations Lisa!
Danny is a 2006 bay, purebred gelding by Astrachan out of Meshhurlyk. He's 15.3+ right now and will probably add a little bit more before he's all done.  He is sensible and goes very well with a sensitive rider. His gaits are excellent, with his walk overstride at least 18 inches long. He's balanced and forward and should go far in whatever discipline his rider wants to do. He has lots of trail conditioning, gets hauled out several times a week and has just started jumping. He just gets more elegant as he gets older! He's so much FUN to ride - this boy is something special!

He's jumping small courses, teaching lessons and going on trail rides, but he should be the only star in someone's barn.  We don't have the time or money to campaign him.  Contact me if you think he might be 'the one'.  I've reduced his price so he can shine in someone's barn this year!  He is just too nice to be standing around.  $6500

Update 2/27/2013:  Danny just gets better and better.  Not only is he doing fantastic with his jumping (his trainer says he should be an equitation horse), but he's also giving lessons to intermediate riders.  He is so kind and smooth that he is easy for them to ride.

Update 12/15/2012:  Danny is starting to jump small courses with Monica.  He makes it look so easy!  Monica says it feels that way too.

Update 8/6/2012:  Danny has completed 5 LDs this year, getting all As on all his vet cards.  They finished Bare Bones where many other people were overtime.  It was also very hot that day (up to 95 degrees) and Danny pulsed down quickly and with no problems.  This was his first 'solo' ride, without Galen along to be his camp buddy and he did great.

Update 5/20/2012:  Danny has completed his third LD of the year at Mt. Adams.  He and Monica were once again complemented on his 'metronome' trot and they finished mid pack (75 entries!) with all As on his report card.  Next ride is Klickitat and he's continuing his jump schooling at home.

Update 4/24/12:  Danny has completed his second LD at Grizzly in Madras, OR.  Monica and I split up, so she and Danny could go a bit slower, as his base fitness level isn't where Galen's is.  They came in a few minutes overtime, so didn't get a completion, but Danny got all A's on his vet card and the vets exclaimed over how well he did during the ride.  He also got compliments on his metronome trot during the ride and was happy to follow, lead and go by himself.  We should have some photos coming soon.

Update 4/2/12: Danny completed his first Limited Distance endurance ride this past weekend. We went to Home on the Range (story in my main blog) and Danny was superb! Excellent vet scores, great recoveries, he kept his head the entire ride and did most of it barefoot (not by choice). He has also been doing more jumping lessons at home and will be aiming at some shows this year in between endurance rides.

Monica posted a nice Horsebytes blog about Danny recently, take a peek: He's a star!
Update: 2/15/1012 - Here is a link to Danny's jumping lesson (edited for time, of course) last weekend. You can see how he is gaining strength and impulsion and how easy the jumps are for him.
Asking $6,500

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