Sunday, July 28, 2013

Sabyr, 2013 purebred Akhal-Teke colt for sale

"Stanley" was born 7/24/2013 by Salam out of Aishet.  He's tall, correct, bay and very friendly.  He should mature between 15.2 and 16 hands and will be stout.  Both parents are very sport horsey, with excellent gaits, temperaments and lots of weight carrying abilities.  This guy will be perfect for those 6 ft gentlemen that keep wanting an Akhal-Teke to do endurance with! 

Here are some photos from the middle of August 2014, Monica Bretherton photos.  Sabyr is just over a year old here.
Here is a recent photo of Sabyr, at almost a year old, growing up nicely.  He still has some winter coat (maybe he knows something we don't) and is a little bit butt high.  But, he's correct, tall and has a wonderful, laid back personality.   Photo taken by Monica Bretherton, June 2014.

He's much, much bigger now, ready to be weaned.  Of course, he's also in his winter woolies, so we'll have to wait for more photos!  His legs are longer than his dam's, and she's 15.2, so I expect him to be 15.3 at least.

Aishet is Arab line and Salam is Fakir Pelvan.    $4500